[ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv6 Assignment Guidelines

Azinger, Marla marla.azinger at frontiercorp.com
Wed Aug 22 17:08:55 EDT 2007

Here are my two cents on this one:

-I support this as is.  But if changes are being made based on the massive discussions and side tangents...I would need to se a brand new revision.
-As written I view it as just giving a more detailed "how to" re-assign and has no bearing on routing.

Marla Azinger
Frontier Communications

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ARIN received the following policy proposal. In accordance with the ARIN
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The ARIN Advisory Council (AC) will review this proposal at their next
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AC accepts the proposal, it will be posted as a formal policy proposal
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regularly scheduled AC meeting in order to work with the author. The AC
will work with the author to clarify, combine or divide the proposal. At
their following meeting the AC will accept or not accept the proposal.

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the AC will explain their decision. If a proposal is not accepted, then
the author may elect to use the petition process to advance their
proposal. If the author elects not to petition or the  petition fails,
then the proposal will be closed.

The AC will assign shepherds in the near future. ARIN will provide the
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In the meantime, the AC invites everyone to comment on this proposal on
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behind their opinion. Such participation contributes to a thorough
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Policy Proposal Name: IPv6 Assignment Guidelines

Author: Leo Bicknell

Proposal Version: 1.0

Submission Date: 8/17/2007

Proposal type: new

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Replace the text in section with the following text:

LIR's may assign blocks in the range of /48 to /64 to end sites.
All assignments made by LIR's should meet a minimum HD-Ratio of .25.

* /64 - Site needing only a single subnet.
* /60 - Site with 2-3 subnets initially.
* /56 - Site with 4-7 subnets initially.
* /52 - Site with 8-15 subnets initially.
* /48 - Site with 16+ subnets initially.

For end sites to whom reverse DNS will be delegated, the LIR/ISP should
consider making an assignment on a nibble (4-bit) boundary to simplify
reverse lookup delegation.

LIR's do not need to issue all 5 sizes of prefixes as long as the
HD-Ratio requirement is met.


The existing section does not provide clear guidance on how
large of a prefix to allocate to a site.  This makes it difficult for
LIR's to know they are in compliance with the rules, and makes it harder
for ARIN staff to evaluate requests per the communities wishes.

This policy is based on an HD Ratio of .25 for end sites.  The following
table may be useful:

Prefix Size    Number of Subnets     Required in Use to Meet .25
-----------    -----------------     ---------------------------
/64            1                     1
/60            16                    2
/56            256                   4
/52            4096                  8
/48            65536                 16

It is believed this policy provides clear guidance while allowing LIR's
to make generous allocations to their end-sites.

Timetable for implementation: immediate for new requests, 2 year grace
period for all existing assignments.

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