[ppml] [Re: IPv6 addresses really are scarce after all]

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Aug 20 15:22:08 EDT 2007

If the Fortune 1000 and critical infrastructure providers cannot obtain
direct IPv6 allocations from a numbering authority, and refuse to get
IPv6 from their ISP, then if there are enough of these people running around
I am sure someone will design a network address translator that uses
the IPv6 site local addresses, and you will have the same exact situation
as what exists right now with IPv4.

If you think that you have a better way to balance the needs of the Internet
community to not have a gigantic route table with an org or business DESIRE
to not get allocations from their ISP, then let's hear it.  And keep in
mind that the need of the Internet community is a -requirement- the desire
of the business community is a -wish-.  The Internet cannot survive with
every single org advertising their own route - it cannot survive that way
today under IPv4, and it won't be able to do it in the future under IPv6.


PS  Some out there regard the existence of NAT as a tragic failure of the
IPv4 Internet, seriously limiting it's use. ;-)

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>How many of the fortune 1000 and critical infrastructure providers will
>accept a permanent relationship with an ISP for their v6 addresses?  I
>would not expect it to be many.  There are some things that in the real
>world, we will not re-address because of an ISP change.
>Generally it will be a "critically" decision whether for business or
>critical infrastructure.
>Take care
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>> > I do sense that there is growing understanding that the requirement
>> > businesses or critical infrastructure providers to obtain their v6
>> > addresses from their ISP, will not work in the real world.
>> after all, it has been such a tragic failure in ipv4, seriously
>> inhibiting the use of the internet.
>> randy
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