[ppml] IPv6 Assignment Guidelines, Straw Man #2

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Mon Aug 20 15:17:10 EDT 2007

In a message written on Mon, Aug 20, 2007 at 12:09:54PM -0700, David Schwartz wrote:
> 1) It is largely senseless to have policies for small allocations from an
> ISP to their single-homed end users. There is simply no reason to care. I
> think we pretty much all already agree that this is so at the /48 level.

So, when Randy Bush gets his /32 from ARIN, and chooses to give two
/33's to residental DSL customers, and the next day asks for more
space that's ok?

While I agree we shouldn't be wallowing around in the muck worring
about every end user (as we do in IPv4), I think it's very important
to set a boundary between the "I don't care" space and the "hey
wait a minute, that's way too much" space.

Since we give most residential users a /32 in IPv4, and we're running
out, I would posit letting someone give out /33's to residential
users in IPv6 will lead to the exhaustion of the IPv6 address space
in rather short order.

Which is why, in version 2 I put the same stake in the ground as
RFC 3177.  /48-/128, we don't care, do what you want.  /1-/48, we
care, there are rules.  Is that not the right break point?

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