[ppml] IPv6 Assignment Guidelines, Straw Man #2

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Aug 20 14:47:17 EDT 2007

> ] LIR's may assign up to a /48 to an End Site.  End Sites 
> requiring ] more address space than a /48 may be assigned a 
> larger block provided ] the utilization inside that block 
> meets an HD Ratio of 0.94.
> The first sentence is clear.  Assign /128's, /112's, /64's, 
> /56's, or /48's to your customers.  No questions asked, ARIN 
> does not meddle in these assignments in any way shape or 
> form.  The entire space from /128-/48 is wide open and up to 
> each individual ISP.

It's that kind of weasel-wording that I object to. The words "up to"
make this wording directly contradict RFC 3177. The addition of a /56
size for consumer sites is a minor change to the IPv6 addressing
architecture which has support within the IETF. But your statement about
/128's etcetera is in direct contradiction to the IPv6 architecture.

IPv6 is *NOT* the same as IPv4.

--Michael Dillon

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