[ppml] hoarding (was Policy Proposal: Expand timeframe ofAdditional Requests)

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Mon Aug 20 13:18:05 EDT 2007

John Santos wrote:
> Bill -
> I am also a legacy holder and I second every thing you've said.
> Also, I find Micheal's characterization of my position and motives
> as false and demeaning.

Although I'm not a legacy holder myself, as far as I can see, the legacy 
holders *are* playing by the rules set up for them when they got their 
allocation. Just because nobody had the foresight to set rules back then 
doesn't give us the right to start raping them and accusing them of not 
following rules now.

If you want to go after legacy holders, go get some /8's back. Is it 
really worth the effort for anything longer than a /16? Wouldn't our 
time be better spent making IPv6 adoption easier? Unless I see some /8's 
recovered, it seems totally pointless to pick on legacy allocations.


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