[ppml] Technical reason why /52,/56,/60,/64 are bad

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Aug 19 23:14:35 EDT 2007

>> and who the hell gives arin this wonderful new prerogative to tell me
>> how to run my business?  and what will you do when i completely ignore
>> it because it is none of your business?
> This might be a rational reply if we were talking about hinging assignments
> on something that had nothing to do with assignments. But evaluating
> efficient use of assigned address space when processing a request for
> additional address space is just unavoidable for a need-based address
> assignment scheme.

ahh, so that is why we had A, B, and C space.  and ever since CIDR we
have been unable to evaluate efficient utilization.  now what did i not
think of that?  sheesh!  silly me.


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