[ppml] Technical reason why /52,/56,/60,/64 are bad

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Sun Aug 19 23:09:50 EDT 2007

> and who the hell gives arin this wonderful new prerogative to tell me
> how to run my business?  and what will you do when i completely ignore
> it because it is none of your business?
> randy

This might be a rational reply if we were talking about hinging assignments
on something that had nothing to do with assignments. But evaluating
efficient use of assigned address space when processing a request for
additional address space is just unavoidable for a need-based address
assignment scheme.

If you think "use addresses the way the community agrees is efficient or you
won't get any" is ARIN telling you how to run your business, then I would
just have to ask what alternate means for evaluating address requests you
would prefer.

Perhaps you were making some subtler argument. Maybe you were trying to say
that these kinds of policies are not needed in the IPv6 world and that a
different kind of thinking is more appropriate in a world were addresses are
not scarce? If so, lots of people might agree with you, but you actually
need to make an argument like that. We're not smart enough to deduce it from
anarchic chants like "keep your address assignment policies out of my


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