[ppml] address ownership

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Sat Aug 18 17:54:59 EDT 2007

To clarify:

On Aug 18, 2007, at 1:40 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
>>> even leaving aside the fact that IP addresses aren't property
>> This is a red herring.  Would calling the things that are being
>> bought and sold "Address IRUs" make you (and Steve Ryan) feel better?
> addresses aren't available on an IRU basis.

Yes.  Right now, under the terms of RSAs, address allocations are not  
(in theory) indefeasible.  However, I was suggesting creating a new  
object corresponding to an "indefeasible right of use" for addresses  
on top of the underlying addresses that _could_ be bought and sold  
without veering off into pointless discussions about "address  

> don't call this a red herring while RFC 2050 and all ...

RIR assertions that addresses can't be 'owned' (which isn't, by the  
way, in RFC 2050 -- you might ask yourself why not) do not apply to a  
majority of the IPv4 address space allocated to date unless the RIRs  
are asserting they have authority of address space not allocated by  
them.  As such, discussions of ownership is 'a diversion or  
distraction from an original objective' of how to deal with a post- 
IPv4 run out world.

If you disagree, why doesn't ARIN revoke (say)


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