[ppml] [Re: IPv6 addresses really are scarce after all]

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Fri Aug 17 22:16:55 EDT 2007


On Aug 17, 2007, at 4:26 PM, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
> to borrow from an earlier posting in this thread... these are all  
> varients of the catagory *greed* as a distribution basis.
> so the IETF architectural model (PA) is flawed in practice and the  
> RIR community is coping by discussing/adopting varients (PI). The  
> fundamental underpinnings of PI are still need/merit based and not  
> on some uncertain "market" valuation. (as described above).


- Sparse allocation of /48s on demand with a registration fee isn't  
market based and is no more "greed" based than how IPv4 was  
originally allocated.
- Allocating /12 to national entities says nothing about how the  
national entities distribute the addresses (particularly since this  
doesn't presume the national entities are national monopolies).  This  
isn't anymore "greed" based than the way telephone numbers are handed  
- Auctioning space to the highest bidder says nothing about how those  
bidders subsequently re-assign the address space (although one would  
assume the winning bidders would want to recoup their costs).  This  
might be argued to be "greed" based, but the implication would be  
that the FCC was greedy in spectrum auctions (perish the thought!).

None of these are market based.

> Do you think that the ARIN community will be happy with any of the
> distribution varients you list above?

My telepathy powers are notoriously weak.  People have privately told  
me the sparse allocation approach is appealing.


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