[ppml] dual-stack (was Re: Expand timeframe of AdditionalRequests )

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>However, in all cases, there will be exceedingly strong pressure on
>the ISP to provide to the ISP's customers the absolute minimum
>address space possible, most likely single IP addresses to be used
>for the public side of NAT endpoints. I would imagine this will most
>likely be implemented as _significantly_ increased costs for PA
>space,likely coupled with increased hosting services as a business

No, I suspect what the ISP's will do is tell the customers they have
a choice:

$15.95 a month DSL with IPv6 only
$150.95 a month DSL with IPv4 only

Then they will tell the customer if they want the cheap connectivity
(substitute T1/Cable/ISDN/your preferred connectivity in place of DSL)
to buy the $399.99 Linksys BEF-BEFV6-R6  IPv6 to IPv4 Proxy Gateway.
(Substitute dlink/netgear/airlink/etc.etc. for Linksys)

A product that is most likely on the drawing board at these companies
right now, merely awaiting the marketing department's analysis of when it
become profitable to start selling them.


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