[ppml] too many variables

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Mon Aug 13 16:11:30 EDT 2007

Can't any network problem can be solved by adding another layer of 

Don't all the various nodes in a system simply "disappear" when another 
technology comes along to organize, replace and manage the problem 
differently? With iBGP there's been confederations and route-reflectors 
to divide the problem into smaller pieces, even MPLS to remove a lot of 
the scalability issues.

But perhaps in the future, after many more consolidations and 
bankruptcies, there may only be a couple of major carriers left. This 
would solve a lot of BGP decision making algorithms.
You'd either go with the Red ISP or the Blue ISP, just like politics!

Paul Vixie wrote:
>>> ... is that system level (combinatorial) effects would limit Internet
>>> routing long before moore's law could do so.
>> It is an easy derivative/proxy for the system level effect is all. Bandwidth
>> for updates (inter and intra system) are another choking point but folks
>> tend to be even less aware of those than cpu.
> is bandwidth the only consideration?  number of graph nodes and number of
> advertised endpoints and churn rate per endpoint don't enter into the limits?
> at what system size does speed of light begin to enter into the equation?
> (note, as i told geoff huston: if it seems like john scudder's outbound BGP
> announcement compression observations are relevant, or that moore's law is
> relevant, then you're misunderstanding my question or i'm asking it wrong.)
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