[ppml] too many variables

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Mon Aug 13 15:58:20 EDT 2007

It's a nice idea and an excellent point about the marketing of routers, 
but technically I think an Xbox would choke on the actual packet 

It's as if you need to take a really fast processor for the 
control-plane, and use it to update the forwarding plane on fast 
hardware routers/switches.

(Oh wait, didn't somebody already invent that? :-) Lookup Ipsilon and 
MPLS. Or distributed/MLS switching)

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Leo,
>   I think you should take your old Xbox and load Linux on it,
> you can get it here:
> http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Download
>   Then load Quagga on that and route your BGP with it, you can
> get that here:
> http://www.quagga.net/
>   Then when that is up and running call in your router vendor
> sales representative and ask him why should all of us bother buying
> new routers when we can just use any old Xbox to do the same
> thing, faster.
>   maybe that might shame them into actually designing product with
> -current- technology.
>   Is it just me that finds it deplorable that the large router
> vendors see fit to charge billions of bucks for technology that
> any current microwave oven controller could knock into a cocked hat?
> Ted
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