[ppml] APNIC policy proposal to create a regulated market in IPv4 addresses

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Tue Aug 7 03:19:49 EDT 2007

On 6 Aug 2007, at 21:09, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

> On 6-aug-2007, at 20:46, Leo Vegoda wrote:
>>> What would need to happen is that only a single prefix length is
>>> allocated from any given block. This means no longer reserving
>>> adjoining space for future growth, but this doesn't help aggregation
>>> in practice anyway so it's no big loss.
>> It would obviously make things far simpler for anyone writing  
>> filters. It's a shame that it's not a practical proposition.
> Hm, the other RIRs don't seem to need to reserve 3 /8s for giving  
> out /29s. Or give out ANYTHING longer than a /24, for that matter.
> Take your pick: solve the problems in human space in human time, or  
> in forwarding planes on nanosecond scale time.

I don't disagree with the goal you've described. If it's important to  
you then I suggest you complete this template:


and pass it to the RIPE Address Policy WG chairs so that they can put  
it into the policy development process. You may find that discussing  
RIPE issues on the RIPE mailing lists is a more effective way of  
resolving the problems with the RIPE NCC.


Leo Vegoda

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