[ppml] clarification of IPv4 and IPv6 fees

David E. Smith dave at mvn.net
Fri Aug 3 15:32:41 EDT 2007

Howard, W. Lee wrote:

> The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees has heard this 
> message, and clarified the fee schedule:  an organization pays
> only the higher of IPv4 or IPv6 renewals.  Clarifying language 
> is on its way to the Fee Schedule page of ARIN's web site.

This makes me all kinds of happy. Shortly after this language is posted, 
I'll submit my initial IPv6 request. :D

(I'm sure someone in ARIN is sighing right now, knowing there's about to 
be a big nasty flood of initial IPv6 requests. Thanks for putting up 
with us!)

David Smith

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