[ppml] Motivating migration to IPv6

Kirk Ismay captain at netidea.com
Fri Aug 3 12:25:26 EDT 2007

David E. Smith wrote:
> Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>> My proposal that orgs pay either their v4 fees or v6 fees, whichever is 
>> more, has the same long-term effect without the unintended consequences.
> Now this is a proposal I can get behind. :)
> I work for a fairly small ISP (we've got a single /19). I've been 
> following this discussion, and I've wanted to play with IPv6 for a 
> while. I can't, however, cost-justify it to the boss.
I support this proposal, for the same reasons. We've got an IPv4 /20 and 
we're a fairly small shop also.
I'd like to play with IPv6, if I could only find the time. ;)

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