[ppml] alternative realities (was PIv6 for legacy, holders (/wRSA + efficient use))

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Fri Aug 3 08:38:28 EDT 2007

Howard, W. Lee wrote:
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>> With regards to MIT and or/other /8s that are "privately 
>> held", is the internet better off getting those turned in and 
>> split up which adds to the routing table or letting the 
>> private holder become a default ISP/mini IANA/ARIN in effect 
>> with a /8 aggregated address and keep the table smaller?  
> I think the Internet is better of with ARIN allocating based on
> need than it would be with other organizations allocating based 
> on cash.
> You asked the question--what do you think?
I have mixed feelings.  In general, good stewardship would make you want 
to have it turned in and reissued appropriately.  As a /24, I worry that 
if we get enough deaggregation, the routing tables will get big enough 
that I might get lost.  I'm not a technical routing wizard but I keep 
reading about the tables getting too big in spite of the sales droid 
promises and people filtering above /24s and I'd like to not get lost.  
If people really believe that /24s won't get lost, convince the /8 
owners to turn them in.  I think if all the remaining space became /24s 
we'd be in routing table trouble and if they stayed much bigger, we'd 
probably be safe.  Where is that breakpoint and where will it be in 2, 3 
or 5 years?  I know that in theory, ARIN shouldn't care about routing 
but if they just give out addresses that thhey know can't get routed, 
that can't be considered good stewardship

The other problem is that some of the legacy /8s are going to start 
looking at addresses as major assets and could easily become a major ISP 
overnight and as I stated, I'm not sure what recourse ARIN/IANA has to 
recover any part of the /8.  In spite of the statements here that 
addresses are not property, I certainly felt that my /24 was granted 
with no conditions regarding my use or disposal of it.  A legal 
challenge to a legacy /8s ability to become this overnight super ISP 
would be a crap shoot at best.

>> Cliff
> Lee

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