[ppml] alternative realities (was PIv6 for legacy holders (/wRSA + efficient use))

William Herrin arin-contact at dirtside.com
Wed Aug 1 21:29:55 EDT 2007

On 8/1/07, michael.dillon at bt.com <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
> > > 1. The Ruse. Something other than IP addresses is leased but the
> > this is brilliant, by the way.
> Indeed! I haven't seen such brilliant ideas since Enron.


I won't suggest we all run out and Make Money Fast. And I'm sure a few
operators will be happy to slit their own throats by retaliating with
prefix filtering, just like in the last table size crisis. More
customers for the rest.

I will go so far as to suggest that the only chance of avoiding the
ruse that's even close to realistic is to beat the v4 bandits to the
punch and get IPv6 deployed. Within the context of ARIN public policy,
that means exactly two things:

1. Remove policy level obstructions to those seeking IPv6 address space and
2. Make it more difficult to get IPv4 space without deploying IPv6
than it is to deploy IPv6 and get IPv4 space.

There are proposals on the table which do both of these things, like
"PIv6 for legacy holders (/w RSA + efficient use)" and "IPv4 Soft
Landing."  I'd vote yes.

Bill Herrin

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