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Michael Hertrick m.hertrick at neovera.com
Mon Apr 30 08:42:01 EDT 2007

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There has already been a lot said regarding this topic, and while I
have read much of it I honestly have not read every last word posted.
I did search the thread for keywords like web hosting and
colocation/co-location, and ASP and found nothing, so I believe that
most of what I am about to say is not redundant.

I think that today's definition of ISP not not limited to user access,
transit, and backbone services as it once was.  Companies providing
web hosting and co-location services should be considered ISPs.  For
that matter, there are also companies that call themselves ASPs,
Application Service Providers, that have the same Internet number
needs as ISPs.  I suppose that an ASP is an ISP even though the
inverse is not necessarily true.  There are undoubtedly many Internet
related services that would constitute a company's recognition as an
Internet Service Provider.  Does the ARIN staff acknowledge that?

In response to the numerous recommendations that IPv4 has some
influence on the IPv6 policies, I think that the definition of
"existing, known ISP in the ARIN region" needs to remain somewhat
ambiguous.  A company should be defined by what they do rather than
how they happen to fit the IPv4 policy.  To exclude companies based on
how they comply with IPv4 policies would be unfair because those
policies were only intended to apply to IPv4 address allocation.
Therefore IPv6 allocations should be available to companies that
provide Internet services.

Perhaps the S. in I.S.P. should be pluralized because nowadays there
are more than one type of service.  Or perhaps the term "services
provider" should be used in lieu of the acronym ISP.


Owen DeLong wrote:
> According to Leslie, ARIN staff would like community input on the
> definition of "Existing Known ISP" in the NRPM.
> I would propose that the following definition seems self-evident to me,
> but, I would like to see what others here have to say:
> "An existing, known ISP is any ARIN Subscriber Organization who has
> received an IPv4 allocation from ARIN or an ARIN predecessor which
> now is an ARIN Subscriber Organization."
> Owen
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