[ppml] Definition of "Existing Known ISP"

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Thu Apr 26 20:11:14 EDT 2007

Actually, Owen pointed out the same problem to me.  I might amend:

Anyone who has number resources from ARIN, a signed RSA, and falls under
the ISP fee schedule.

The idea being, end users should not meet the requirement, ASN only
holders should not meet it, and legacy holders should not meet it
until they bring their space under an RSA (or get a new block under
the RSA).  The latter is a bit of a stick to get legacy users under
the RSA, but part of the policy's intent is that ARIN should "know"
the ISP, and it's likely if they are legacy ARIN has never received
any paperwork or anything from them, and thus does not "know" them.

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