[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-1 - Last Call

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Apr 26 16:51:51 EDT 2007

At 13:30 -0700 4/26/07, Owen DeLong wrote:
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>>  If this requires additional 1/2 year and new meeting, that is
>>  unfortunate but I think this is worth the time for additional
>>  discussions and revisions since we're talking about security &
>>  authentication features.
>I disagree.  I think that even as is, this proposal is better than the current
>state of things.  As such, I think we should move this policy forward as
>best we can.  If what is able to move forward does not adequately address
>the concerns raised, then, it can be amended on the same time-table
>described above by a new policy submission.

A agree with Owen...but I wish that what gets on the books is what we 
want.  Also, the BoT always has the right to suspend a policy that is 
proving harmful (I believe).
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