[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-1 - Last Call

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Apr 26 15:48:24 EDT 2007

Well, not actually off-list, I guess.

Speaking as someone who's gotten three hours of sleep a night since arriving at the meeting, I can authoritatively say that the reason no subsequent drafts have gotten out has nothing at all to do with process.   :-)


Please excuse the brevity of this message; I typed it on my pager. I could be more loquacious, but then I'd crash my car.    

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At 18:56 +0000 4/26/07, =?UTF-8?B?QmlsbCBXb29kY29jaw==?= wrote:
>The number 5 _was_ in the proposal, but both that and the phrase "crypt-auth"
>were deemed unnecessary by staff, and the authors and AC agreed, so they won't
>be part of the final policy.

Here's where the IRPEP gets confusing to me.  The number 5 is in the 
last call message and it is still on the proposal version on the web 
site (URL given in my previous message and appears below).

>I would point out that this is the public POLICY mailing list, and that the
>details of crypto implementation, should ARIN staff not just adopt wholesale
>one of the preexisting implementations, are probably best discussed with
>staff, rather than on this mailing list.

In the spirit of public policy review...shouldn't the last call cover 
what it is we want to last call?  Does staff have permission to 
ignore parts of the policies?

And considering that you are one of the authors...shouldn't the 
details have been revised out already?

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