[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-1 - Last Call

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Thu Apr 26 15:32:41 EDT 2007

No question.  Guiding smart hands are always invaluable.  


Please excuse the brevity of this message; I typed it on my pager. I could be more loquacious, but then I'd crash my car.    

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>1) It's better than mail-from

Yes, but is that an important criteria?

>2) It's good enough for the rest of the world


>3) It passed unanimously.

I did support the proposal in the sense that we should have PGP 
available as an option.  Now I am asking questions because I want to 
be sure ARIN implements a PGP authentication method that works and 
that what is in the proposal text gives me some hesitation.  I would 
unquestionably support a policy that ARIN "do" PGP but I question a 
proposal that instructs staff to "do it in a way" that I don't 

The unanimous straw poll in the room was a piece of data to be given 
to the AC to help them make their determination.  When the poll was 
called, it wasn't clear if the poll was "yes, as written" or "yes, 
but hopefully with some guiding smart hands to make sure we do the 
policy right."
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