[ppml] Buying time...

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Tue Apr 24 16:41:27 EDT 2007

I don't really agree with the need for "buying" more time for deploying
IPv6. It will take 1, 2 or 3 years more, but there will be no new products
in the market in 1-2 years that don't support IPv6.

Market will not accept it, and manufacturers will have no interest on doing
so, just a matter of competition.

Now, even if (some) ISPs decide not to deploy IPv6, neither transition tools
in their networks, the addresses needed for running IPv4-only devices
(considering the increase in the use of NAT if required), are already there.
We don't need many more IPv4 addresses for keeping the network that we have
today and the grown in the next couple of years.

If we ever do anything, it will be just an artificial measure, never a
perfectly fair solution. There is no way we can decide that we need to
reserve some of the /8s for this or that region. Based on what ? And what if
the development progress on this or that region is different after two years
? It may be a fair distribution now, but it can be radically different in 2

I also believe, as indicated already today in the previous session, that as
much as we progress with IPv6 deployment and more traffic is dominant versus
IPv4 one, there will be more and more core/distribution/access networks that
will turn to be only-IPv6 instead of dual stack (always keeping the LANs
with dual stack, even with private IPv4 and NAT), using mechanisms such as
softwires to automatically setup IPv4-in-IPv6 tunnels for those
applications/hosts that are not yet (or never will be) IPv6 ready. This will
mean that some of the today used IPv4 addressing space may be returned, very
slowly, and reused just in case new networks appear and they still decide to
be dual stack for whatever reason (I tend to think that it will not make
sense if IPv6 traffic is becoming dominant, but may be cases that I'm not
thinking about).


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> Tony, Bill:
> I think that the situation is a bit more
> complicated that what I can understand from your comments.
> I agree regarding IPv6 is the solution, but IPv6
> will not be widely adopted only because we think that would be the solution.
> So, we will have to deal with IPv4 still for some
> more time. And we have to work in ensuring the
> same possibilities of access to IPv4 resources to everybody around the world.
> IMHO we have to work in making IPv6 more feasible
> bat also in paralel we have to work in optimizing
> the usage of IPv4. It can be done in a "non very
> painful" way. I guess that nobody can obstract
> Intenet development. Concluding, "buying time"
> could be benefitial for the community, and it is enough for me.
> Raúl
> At 03:45 p.m. 24/04/2007, Bill Woodcock wrote:
>>> The discussion about 'buying time' to prepare for IPv6 is just
>>> a stalling tactic that will only make the
>> eventual effort that much more
>>> painful. It is absolutely understandable
>> that people want to have more time
>>> to prepare, but to do that they should have started earlier. Making the
>>> current processes more painful for new
>> comers just so the lethargic can feel
>>> better is not 'stewardship'.
>> Agreed.  ARIN just isn't in a position to save people from themselves.
>> We're running out of v4.  The solution to that is v6.  If people want to
>> avail themselves of the solution, it's there.  We can't force them, and
>> it's twenty years too late to come up with a different solution.
>>                                 -Bill
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