[ppml] Definition of "Existing Known ISP"

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Sun Apr 22 18:02:10 EDT 2007

Owen DeLong wrote:
> According to Leslie, ARIN staff would like community input on the
> definition of "Existing Known ISP" in the NRPM.
> I would propose that the following definition seems self-evident to me,
> but, I would like to see what others here have to say:
> "An existing, known ISP is any ARIN Subscriber Organization who has
> received an IPv4 allocation from ARIN or an ARIN predecessor which
> now is an ARIN Subscriber Organization."

s/allocation/allocation or direct assignment/

There may be some orgs who elected to be an end user in there IPv4
request who may wish to be considered an ISP under IPv6.   I wouldn't
want an actual ISP to be forced into being considered an End Site
due to an historical but outdated decision.

- Kevin

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