[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-6 - Staff Assessment

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>I don't see the exaggeration thing working out so much...

It seems to me that one can claim efficient usage while remaining within the
letter, if not the spirit, of ARIN policies. One could give all of ones'
shared web hosting customers each their own IP address, claiming it is for
future SSL certificate use. One could put each single colocated server
customer on their own /30 subnet with a network, gateway, and broadcast
address, claiming it is for improved security.

>Also, I like to think that the number of people willing to "exaggerate" is
>smaller than those who are honest (yes I know, fire away, rose colored

When I founded BaseSpace.net in 2000, I drafted a mission statement in a fit
of idealism: http://www.basespace.net/about/about.html. Bullet one says:

 * To, by action and by example, make the internet a place where things are
done right.

So I am not going to exaggerate my IP space usage in order to qualify for a
/22. PI space is very important to my business, but being able to look
myself in the mirror every morning for the rest of my life and know that I
remained true to my principles is more important.

Unfortunately, the current policy penalizes the honest. I urge you to
reconsider your opposition to 2006-7 in order to help keep the world a place
where rose colored glasses are not necessary.

Thank you for your time and attention,
 - Alex Aminoff

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