[ppml] Summary of Trial Balloons for Dealing with IPv4 AddressCountdown

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Fri Apr 20 21:21:30 EDT 2007

On 16 Apr 2007, at 17:34, Jason Schiller wrote:

> When the address space is given out in large blocks, the ISP can  
> divide up these blocks into reasonably sized pools for each of its  
> internal regions.  This allows for internal aggregation.
> This stacking of regional pools will lead to poor internal  
> aggregation, and thus bloat in the routing and forwarding tables.

Do we have any empirical research of this, i.e. can someone who uses  
large chunks of v4 calculate a model that shows what the effect on  
the routing table would have been if they'd had to apply for smaller  
chunks of non-contiguous space more regularly ?  Room to breathe in  
your v4 allocations could have also encouraged sloppiness and  
wastefulness.  (Do we think all of - picking on some companies at  
random - all of 9/8, 13/8, 15/8, 44/8, etc.,etc. are effective use of  
large assignments..)

A big routing table is bad, we all agree.  Running out of v4 is  
really really bad.

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