[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-3 - Staff Assessment

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At 10:34 -0400 4/13/07, Member Services wrote:

>ARIN Staff Assessment

I don't know if this is the first time these were sent in advance, 
I'm glad to see the assessments before the meeting.

>    http://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2007_3.html

>      3.	NRPM section 12.3 contains procedural language which constrains
>ARIN's ability to act in the best interest of all parties.  It is too
>restrictive and detailed.

I have a question about this - this is about the "proposed" 12.3 as 
seen in the appendix?  (OK, maybe this is a stupid question as there 
is no current 12.) I.e.,:

>12.3 X.509
>ARIN accepts X.509-signed transactions as authentic communication from
>authorized Points of Contact. POCs may denote their records
>"crypt-auth," subsequent to which unsigned communications shall not be
>deemed authentic with regard to those records.

I don't see how it is "too" restrictive and detailed.  I don't mean 
to say that I disagree, I'm not clear on the criticism levied on the 

What if a POC has both an PGP-signed-by-ARIN key and an ARIN issued 
X.509 certificate?  (More of a question to the proposal writers than 
to staff I suppose.)  Will either "PGP-signed" or "X.509-signed" 
templates/mail be accepted and unsigned templates/mail be dropped?

>      4.	At this time, ARIN's functionality covers only e-mail based
>communication. The policy uses the general term, "communication", which
>may be interpreted to cover other forms of electronic interaction such
>as web-based communication. The only other "communication" that is
>directly tied into a specific POC is voting. Should the Election System
>need to be modified to allow x.509 authentication, assuming we could use
>parts of the existing system, a ballpark estimate on implementation
>would be 3-4 months.
>      5.	We recommend that a new NRPM section be created, "12.
>Communications" and that 12.1 be "Authentication". The subsequent
>numbering would change appropriately.

What about 12.1 being "Template Submission and Response" and 12.1.x 
being "Authentication?  Given the comment in 4, that's where I 
thought 5 would lead.

PS - and we thought the IPv4 sunset policy was complicated...
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