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G. Waleed Kavalec Kavalec at BSWA.com
Mon Apr 9 18:31:35 EDT 2007

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> 2) "PGP is hard / costly to implement."  PGP is available completely
>    for free even for commercial use, one instance is at
>    http://www.gnupg.org/.  

Another is http://www.gpg4win.org/ GPG for Windows which includes a
plugin for Outlook 2003 (GPCol) amongst other things.

--Michael Dillon

I can't agree enough. The various implementation of GnuPG (aka gpg) 
are fully compatible with PGP and very easy to implement.

There are a slew of free, open-source wrappers available to integrate 
the tool with explore, outlook, etc.

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