[ppml] the "other" policy proposals

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Sun Apr 8 14:55:22 EDT 2007

Thus spake "Martin Hannigan" <martin.hannigan at batelnet.bs>
> Should Board Members be proposing, and defending, proposed
> policies?

Yes, they should.  We elect people to the BoT and AC on the basis that 
they're smart and understand how this stuff works better than the rest of 
us.  To muzzle them once they get into office, and thus deny ourselves the 
very wisdom we elected them to use, is counter-productive.  I _want_ to know 
what the BoT and AC members think of the various proposals.

> This seems to border on a coerced confession to some extent,
> something that "appears" to carry the full weight of the board.

Hardly; the BoT and AC can't coerce the community except by mishandling 
their official duties, and if they wanted to do that they wouldn't need to 
bother with PPML in the first place.  Someone stating his opinion, 
particularly without pointing out he's a BoT/AC member, is hardly coercion. 
Some readers may give his words more weight, but the same is true for any of 
the other "high profile" contributors on PPML that have no official capacity 
at all.


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