[ppml] IPv4 exhaustion - so what?

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Apr 6 12:00:24 EDT 2007

Ok....good idea...
You begin...

Bill Darte

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> This entire conversation about what to do about v4 exhaustion 
> is nice, but hardly relevant to some upcoming events.  This 
> entire discussion will make a great topic for the open policy 
> hour at the next meeting.
> At the moment, however, I'd like to see more feedback on some 
> of the existing policy proposals.  There's been nearly zero 
> feedback or discussion on all but one or two of *twelve* that 
> are on the agenda.  I can't imagine that we'll just 
> rubberstamp ten or eleven of them, and spend the rest of the 
> time on just a couple.  Surely someone out there is either 
> for or against some of the current proposals.
> Can we focus on something besides the present topic, please?
> -David
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