[ppml] My view on IPv4 (was: Re: IPv4 wind-down)

Bob Evans bob at FiberInternetCenter.com
Wed Apr 4 12:37:31 EDT 2007

After following for sometime - Paying one's taxes online and checking how
your congress person voted, doesnt drive the desire for internet .....  I
feel the need to remind that "primarly" (unfortunately) it's PORNO that
needs to go first - that seems to start everything. If comcast does offer
IPv6 and there is such content via IPv6 , customers will begin to
ask/expect IPv6.

Therefore, any network that provides consumer access or co-lo services
should begin IPv6 to be ready for the content that does drive the desire
(if not porno-but most likely).

bob evans

>> If a Comcast wants to deploy v6 alongside v4, that would be
>> fine as far as
>> my view goes...  The problem is that everyone wants someone else to go
>> first.  Still doesn't change the fact that we don't have any
>> users asking
>> for v6...
> Doesn't the US DOD count as a user? The US Government? The research
> community? These sectors are all asking for v6 and many more users are
> asking for v6 roadmaps. In other words, if your company has a realistic
> roadmap towards implementing v6 services, you stand a better chance of
> selling v4 services (or not losing existing v4 customers).
> --Michael Dillon
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