[ppml] Revised Policy Proposal Resource Reclamation

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Apr 30 16:26:25 EDT 2007

The following text replaces the previous version of this policy  
submitted by
me.  It incorporates my concerns into a better written policy  
originally drafted
by Stephen Sprunk who now joins me as a co-author.

1. Policy Proposal Name: Reclamation of Number Resources
2. Author
   a. name: Owen DeLong, Stephen Sprunk
   b. email: owen at delong.com, stephen at sprunk.org
   c. telephone: +1.408.921.6984, +1 214 718-3791
   d. organization: None Claimed
3. Proposal Version: 1.1
4. Submission Date: ?
5. Proposal type: modify
6. Policy term: permanent
7. Policy statement:

Add a new sub-section under General Policies as follows:

	Resource Reclamation
		1. ARIN may review the current usage of any resources allocated or  
assigned to an organization.  The organization shall furnish whatever  
records are necessary to perform this review.
		2.  ARIN may conduct such reviews:
			a. when any new resource is requested,
			b. whenever ARIN has cause to believe that the resources had  
originally been obtained fraudulently, or
			c. at any other time without cause unless a prior review has been  
completed in the preceding 12 months.
		3.  ARIN shall communicate the results of the review to the  
		4.  If the review shows that existing usage is substantially not in  
compliance with current allocation and/or assignment policies, the  
organization shall return resources as required to bring them into  
compliance. If an organization holds multiple ARIN delegations, they  
may return any number of whole delegations necessary to restore  
compliance. If an organization holds a single ARIN delegation, they  
shall return a single aggregate portion of the delegation to restore  
		5.  If the organization does not voluntarily return resources as  
required, ARIN may revoke any resources as required to bring the  
organization into compliance. ARIN shall follow the same guidelines  
for revocation that are required for voluntary return in the previous  
		6.  Return or revocation of resources shall be immediate for  
billing purposes.
		7.  ARIN shall not issue any returned or revoked resources to  
another organization for a minimum of six months after reclamation.  
ARIN shall negotiate a longer term with the resource holder if ARIN  
believes the resource holder is working in good faith to restore  
compliance and has a valid need for additional time to renumber out  
of the affected blocks.
		8. The whois database shall indicate that such blocks are scheduled  
for reclamation and shall display the date determined under the  
previous paragraph.

Delete sections 4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.1.4

Remove the sentence "In extreme cases, existing allocations may be  
affected." from section

8. Rationale:

ARIN feels that current policy does not give them the power to audit  
or reclaim resources except in cases of fraud, despite this being  
mentioned in the Registration Services Agreement.  This policy  
proposal provides clear policy authority to do so, guidelines for how  
and under what conditions it shall be done, and a guarantee of a  
(minimum) six-month grace period so that the current user shall have  
time to stop using any resources to be reclaimed.

The deleted sections/text would be redundant with the adoption of  
this proposal.

9. Timetable for implementation: immediate
10. Meeting presenter: Owen DeLong

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