[ppml] Historical Policy Proposal Event

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Mon Apr 23 12:05:14 EDT 2007

4 policy proposals dealt with expeditiously and with overwhelming support and no dissent.  That has never happened before.
The credit goes to:
Clear and concise proposals making it to the floor.
Clear and concise language after significant vetting and changes in language based upon robust ppml participation.
Crisp presentation by the author/shepherds of proposals
Excellent management of open mic management by the Chair of BoT
Remarkable contstraint by those approaching the mics....
But...the process is not done.
Those of you who may have not yet weighed in on these proposals should still do so.  The ppml is still open and the Advisory Council would like to hear from you about these proposals.  We would like to have as much input as possible before judging consensus.  For these and the subseqent policies, we will gather that input until Tuesday evening.....
Bill Darte
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