[ppml] Fw: US District Court, Oct 23rd

Per Heldal heldal at eml.cc
Fri Oct 27 07:30:16 EDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 21:02 -0700, Michel Py wrote:

> Although I do have my views on how to address this (**), it's not the
> point I'm trying to make today; IP blocks WILL "sell". How many will
> change hands and for how much per IP address remains to be seen; maybe
> they'll "sell" on the black market; maybe the RIRs will control it. This
> has to be decided yet.

Don't forget that a significant part of the internet is outside US

What happens if you look at it as buying a slot in the DFZ as opposed to
a block of addresses? Then:

- How do you ensure fair compensation to all DFZ operators?

- Can you force everyone operating in the DFZ (globally) to carry your
prefix(es)? What regulation would be necessary?

- What if a significant group of international transit providers choose
to reject the trade of addresses and choose to quarantine traded
addresses (drop them from their view of the DFZ like bogons)?

- How do you isolate a local commercial market trading global resources
which can be had for free elsewhere? Keep in mind that a shortage in v4
addresses if and when it happens most likely will be compensated by a
transition to v6 or some other yet unknown/better solution.


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