[ppml] Policy Proposal: Documentation of the X.509 Authentication Method

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Tue Oct 24 17:38:45 EDT 2006

    1. Policy Proposal Name: Documentation of the X.509  
Authentication Method

    2. Authors:

          1. name: Paul Vixie
          2. email: paul at vix.com
          3. telephone: +1 650 423 1300
          4. organization: Internet Systems Consortium

          1. name: Mark Kosters
          2. email: markk at verisignlabs.com
          3. telephone: +1 703 948 3200
          4. organization: Verisign

          1. name: Chris Morrow
          2. email: christopher.morrow at verizonbusiness.com
          3. telephone: +1 703 886 3823
          4. organization: Verizon Business/UUnet

          1. name: Jared Mauch
          2. email: jmauch at us.ntt.net
          3. telephone: +1 214 915 1356
          4. organization: NTT/Verio

          1. name: Bill Woodcock
          2. email: woody at pch.net
          3. telephone: +1 415 831 3100
          4. organization: Packet Clearing House

    3. Proposal Version: 1

    4. Submission Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    5. Proposal type: New

    6. Policy term: Permanent

    7. Policy statement:


          3.5.3 X.509
                This section intentionally left blank.


          3.5.3 X.509
                ARIN accepts X.509-signed transactions as authentic
                communication from authorized Points of Contact. POCs
                may denote their records "crypt-auth," subsequent to
                which unsigned communications shall not be deemed
                authentic with regard to those records.

    8. Rationale:

       This policy complements the previously-proposed "Reinstatement of
       PGP Authentication Method" which introduces section 3.5 to the
       NRPM. Section 3.5 relates the existence of three authentication
       methods. Two of those, mail-from and X.509, were preexisting but
       not documented within the NRPM.

       This policy proposal simply seeks to provide brief documentation
       of the existence of the X.509 authentication method. Because the
       specific wording of the documentation may be subject to debate,
       and is in no way interdependent upon the documentation of the
       other two methods, it is being proposed in a separate policy, so
       that consensus may be more easily reached.

    9. Timetable for implementation: Immediate

   10. Meeting presenter: Bill Woodcock


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