[ppml] ARIN member in good standing?

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Sat Oct 14 23:51:04 EDT 2006

      On Sat, 14 Oct 2006, Peter Sherbin wrote:
    > Models from a few Tier 2 ISPs that I have seen indicated a vague 
    > understanding of the Internet costs. 

This I can absolutely corroborate.

    > IMO the Internet from its start has been and still continues to
    > be subsidized by a local telephony and/or a local cable. Pure-play 
    > ISPs exist because they pay for the access below cost.
But this is absolutely false.  I'm guessing that you're deriving this from 
observation of only the U.S. market.  I can see how you could come to this 
conclusion using valid logic from observation of the U.S. market.  I'd 
strongly suggest that you check out healthier, more rational markets in 
Asia and parts of Europe, as a source of additional information.

Also, I think this has gone well beyond the scope of PPML...  It's a thred 
I'm very interested in, but perhaps there's a better place for it?


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