[ppml] Proposed Policy: Changes to IPv6 initial allocation criteria

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Oct 11 20:42:53 EDT 2006

Member Services wrote:
> Policy Proposal Name: Changes to IPv6 initial allocation criteria

> In addition to that, they need to have a plan for more than 200 /48
> assignments. The first question here is that there is room for business
> with one or just a few IPv6 customers, and it seems irrational not
> allowing this type of business to be possible, may be even it can be
> considered against the anti-trust regulations.

There is already an IPv6 PI policy which covers these cases.
Startup ISP's that need >=/32 address space can start out using the PI
policy and don't need to be covered by the PA policy. If a startup can
demonstrate the need for >=/44 which one can get with the IPv6 PI policy
then they can under the current PA policy already get this space without
much hassle or ado.

Applying this 'delete' to the current PA policy will only make the PA
policy so blatantly open that there will (maybe ;) be a landrush on the
>=/32's blocks, effectively creating, again, the "class A" situation for
early adopters even though the requesting entity will never use the full
address space of the /32. Remember that 65536 /48's is a *lot* of space.

As such, startups can use the PI policy which should satisfy their
needs. Others, larger established ISP's, can use the PA policy.


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