[ppml] Metric for rejecting policy proposals: AC candidate question

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Sat Oct 7 00:01:23 EDT 2006

>the internet stopped waiting for the ivtf a while ago.  they are good at
>inventing and embellishing the complex and delaying the obvious.  in the
>meantime, the net kinda has to work.  it might be wise if the
>operational and administrative infrastructures kept in synch.
>[ btw, the author of the 4-byte asn policy proposal is the same poor sob
>who is working his draft through the ivtf sausage machine ]

s/his draft/Enke's and Quaizar's (and Yakov's) draft/

Its these folk were responsible for the good ideas contained in the draft.

I'm just trying to see the draft through the process, and I'm trying 
as hard as I can to interpret the subsequent IETF experience I've had 
as exceptional rather than exemplary.


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