[ppml] Comment on "Policy Proposal 2006-1" (Residential Privacy modification)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Oct 6 12:19:18 EDT 2006

On Oct 6, 2006, at 1:33 AM, Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com wrote:

>> I believe that the research and other value of having the
>> non-specific location data are beneficial to the community and
>> should be preserved.  As such, while I accept the idea of not
>> publishing complete address information, I still think that it is
>> a bad idea to stop publishing City and non-specific postal
>> code information.
> Non-specific location data...
> A private residence
> Chicago
> A business office
> Peoria
> A factory
> Hamilton
> A hospital
> New York
> What legitimate research need requires more than this?
Research which cares whether you are talking about Peoria, AZ or  
Peoria, IL, or
Peoria, IN for starters.

All I am suggesting is:

A private residence
Chicago, IL 30201

Which I think is not significantly more specific, but, allows for a  
number of
advantages to research over city name alone.

First, having the state or province is useful.  Second, the partial  
code provides a simpler and more useful input to geolocation.
Postal codes tend to be roughly the same amount of geographic
area covered, where cities vary widely.  For example, San Jose, CA
is a much bigger land mass than San Juan Bautista, CA.

>> I remember a number of people coming to the microphone and
>> talking about their uses of the data.  I don't remember CAIDA
>> being at the meeting, but, I think they use this data on a regular
>> basis.  I know Martin Hannigan outlined several legitimate uses
>> of the data.
> Voices in the ether; here today, gone tomorrow.
> If there is no ARIN document that defines legitimate
> research uses of ARIN's published whois directory, then
> the need doesn't exist. Voices in the ether need
> not apply.
That is absurd.  I realize you'd like to eliminate whois altogether,  
I don't think there is consensus for doing so, and whether you like the
fact or not, others find this research useful and important.  The fact
that you do not does not make them voices in the ether, nor does
it erase their purpose or make it illegitimate.


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