[ppml] Staff Comments Regarding Policy Proposal 2006-3

Larry Blunk ljb at merit.edu
Fri Oct 6 05:34:03 EDT 2006

Sandy Murphy wrote:
>> The policy duplicates
>> capabilities of the routing registry and could be addressed by enhancing
>> this existing functionality.
> It is true that RPSL route objects convey much the same origination
> information as is proposed to be collected in templates.
> However, the current ARIN IRR, according to recent messages on the ppml
> list, contains information that is pulled in from other IRR sources.
> The authenticity of this data can not be verified by ARIN.
       If you are referring to the mirrored registries, these entries 
are clearly identified
by the "source:" attribute.  I guess I'm not sure what you mean by 
"pulled in".   While
these sources are available when querying the ARIN RR server, they are not
actually "in" the ARIN RR (again, as identified by the source: attribute).

> For route objects stored in the ARIN IRR, according to information I
> was told early this year, ARIN does not presently verify the person
> registering the object against POC info in the resource database as
> is done for address and AS objects.  So ARIN could, but does not,
> authenticate this information.
> Because ARIN does authenticate that templates are received from the
> proper contact, the info collected in templates has higher assurance.
> (OK, not much higher assurance, given the common use of MAIL_FROM,
> but still the concept is there.)
> Perhaps existing functionality could be enhanced to provide these
> features.  OTOH, existing functionality could be enhanced to add
> a comment to templates, also.

     RIPE supports a "mnt-routes:" attribute in their "inetnum" objects 
which refers
to a maintainer in the routing registry who is allowed to create route 
which are covered by the given address space.  Note that
RIPE does not put AS information in the inetnum objects themselves.
One could envision an attribute similar to mnt-routes in the ARIN address
registry which would refer to a maintainer in the ARIN IRR who is 
allowed to create
routes in the IRR covered by that address space.   This avoids duplicate
information in both the address and routing registries and would support
existing RPSL based configuration tools.

 -Larry Blunk

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