[ppml] question about 2006-3

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Oct 5 16:17:21 EDT 2006

In trying to form my own opinion about 2006-3, I am interested in the 
answers to some questions.

First I'll start with what I think the problem statement is:

ARIN knows to whom IP address ranges and AS numbers are 
assigned/allocated.  As far as I know, in the ARIN Internet Resource 
Database, there is no association of IP address ranges and AS 
numbers.  To build Route Origination Attestation (certificates), the 
association between IP address ranges, AS numbers, and organizations 
is needed.

The information the ARIN Internet Resource Database lacks may exist 
in some other Internet Routing Registry, one predominate example is 
the RADB, in the ARIN operated Internet Routing Registry, or only in 
the client/LIR/ISP's internal infrastructure.

2006-3 is proposing a mechanism for getting the "missing" data to 
where the Route Origination Attestation can be made (ARIN).  The 
pitfalls are 1) duplication of the data because of this and 2) 
whether or not this is required.

Okay, I said I had a question...and I really do.

To ISP's who would be represented by Route Origination Attestations - 
are the linkages between IP address ranges and AS numbers "you" are 
allocated/assigned already documented in some Internet Routing 
Registry?  How many have the information in a registry that is not 
the RADB?

The reason I ask is that perhaps the solution is for ARIN to retrieve 
the information from an Internet Routing Registry.  Yes, we'd have to 
solve the transitive security issues for that to happen.  But it 
would get around the problem of duplicate data repositories.

As far as the mandatoriness of all this - that's beyond policy.  ARIN 
can only offer up the attestations from the what it knows (securely), 
it's up to the routing industry to decide if anything is mandatory.

I think.
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