[ppml] Staff Comments Regarding Policy Proposal 2006-3

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Thu Oct 5 10:27:06 EDT 2006

> >>   The policy duplicates
> >>  capabilities of the routing registry and could be addressed by 
> >>  this existing functionality.
> The policy as stated is deliberately agnostic as to where the collected
> data could be stored.  It could be stored in the routing registry, for
> example.  In early discussions of this AS collection, there was an
> opinion expressed that any data collected in whois templates needed
> to be kept in the whois database.  But that's probably a staff concern.

This discussion isn't about data storage. As you point
out, that is something that the staff (and the trustees)
can deal with. The discussion is about what data will
be published and how it will be published. A secondary
issue is the collection of data. Secondary, because it is
obvious that in order to publish data, the data must
first be in ARIN's hands.

I believe it is reasonable for ARIN to publish the 
allowed originating ASes for each IPv4 and IPv6 address
block that it issues. Further, I believe that it is
reasonable for block holders to publish allowed originating
ASes for each block that they assign or sub-allocate.

It goes without saying, that if ARIN is going to be
publishing the INTENTIONS OF THIRD PARTIES, in the
form of a list of allowed originating ASes, then it
will collect that information from those 3rd parties
in some form. However, I don't see any reason why
this needs to be mentioned in ARIN policy unless 
we wish to make it MANDATORY to submit such information
to ARIN. The fact that ARIN also publishes ISP information
by proxy via the SWIP-to-whois-directory mechanism
or the RRtemplate-to-routing-registry mechanism are
irrelevant to this. If they will be used for the publishing
of the information, then staff will update whatever
template mechanisms are necessary.

Why are policy writers so concerned with the minutiae 
of what ARIN must do? We are supposed to be writing
ARIN policies, not writing ARIN's process manual.

The gist of this policy seems to be:

   For each address range which ARIN has issued,
   ARIN will publish the list of allowed originating
   ASes as supplied by the authorized user for each
   netblock within that range. ARIN will form a public
   working group to produce a document specifying the
   requirements, and implementation details at the end
   of 6 months after this policy is ratified by the board
   of trustees.

What more needs to be said in the NPRM? 

The technical details can be hashed out on a WG mailing 
list. Whatever reaches consensus within 6 months goes
into the document and the WG dissolves. Then staff
implement it. If anything in that document needs a
policy change to make it so, then you can bet that it
WILL be brought to our attention. The Trustees can be
trusted to see to that.

--Michael Dillon

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