[ppml] Staff Comments Regarding Policy Proposal 2006-3

Sandy Murphy sandy at tislabs.com
Thu Oct 5 09:22:20 EDT 2006

The April ARIN meeting saw the first presentation of policy 2006-3 ("Capturing 
Originations in Templates"), which suggested that AS origination authorization
be collected in a new optional field in address resource templates.  The intent
was to permit the publication of an authenticated list of authorized prefix

The AC decided that this policy proposal should be revised in order to make 
it more acceptable to the membership.  However, the AC and I found it difficult 
to decide just what revisions were needed.  The decision was to broaden 
the proposal to suit the goal of the suggested collection, rather than state
the collection mechanism itself.  So the proposal in summary would state that 
ARIN will support and facilitate the collection and publication of an 
authenticated list of authorized prefix originations (for prefixes assigned 
to ARIN) and cooperate with other RIRs in any similar efforts.  

The April meeting also saw a panel presentation about a resource certificate
PKI and route origination attestations based on that PKI.  

The goal underlying both the panel topic and the proposal 2006-3 is to 
produce an authenticated list of authorized prefix originations.  (The 
resource certificate PKI could be used in other ways as well, as a means of 
judging the validity of  requests for route origination from new customers, 
as a resource to use when diagnosing routing difficulties, <see slides>)

Commentary at the mike during the resource PKI and route origination
attestation panel was predominantly positive.  The comments at the mike
regarding policy proposal 2006-3 were not as predominately positive  :-).
However, none of the comments about the policy proposal disagreed with the
policy proposal's goal.

Would the membership accept the broadened statement of proposal 2006-3?
Such a proposal would indicate the membership's support for the goals of the 
resource certificate PKI, and (happily) would also support the goal behind policy 
proposal 2006-3.


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