[ppml] Metric for rejecting policy proposals: AC candidate question

Sandy Murphy sandy at tislabs.com
Tue Oct 3 13:03:32 EDT 2006

>If a change to the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) is required,
>the IRPEP is what is to be followed.

True.  But is the converse true as well?  That is, is the IRPEP restricted
to considering ONLY changes to the NRPM?

I see text that says:

Policies are documented community decisions that determine the rules 
by which Internet numbering resources are managed and administered by ARIN. 
It is important that policies be distinctly separated from activities that 
are considered to be general practices and procedures of ARIN. 

This does not specifically say that only changes to the NRPM are policies.
And there was ample opportunity for those who crafted this language to
say exactly that.  I presume that means that those who crafted this
language did not mean to limit policies to changes to the NRPM.

I would say that "you must sign this RSA" is a rule by which ARIN
manages and administers number resources, i.e., a policy that the membership
could change in the IRPEP, rather than an activity considered to be
general practice and procedure.

You may interpret this differently.  But is there anywhere that specifically
says that *only* NPRM changes are subject to the IRPEP?


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