[ppml] Policy Proposal 2006-1: Residential Customer Privacy

Sam Weiler weiler at tislabs.com
Tue Oct 3 07:37:19 EDT 2006

J Bacher writes in response to Owen:

>> A residential customer should, in all cases, have the option of
>> publishing their information as any other
>> internet user.  The option of hiding residential address is not
>> unreasonable, however, at the least,
>> city, state, and non-specific postal code should be preserved (5-
>> digit ZIP (US), first 3 characters
> This is not reasonable for those in low population dense areas.

I concur completely.

>> Realistically, more information than this is a matter of public
>> record if the customer has registered to vote.

I'm not sure why that's relevent.  Even if we assume that there's a 
public record of the names and addresses of everyone in ARIN's service 
region, that doesn't mean that we have a mapping from IP address to 
individual or address.  We could even assume that everyone's credit 
report files and medical records were public, yet we wouldn't have the 
IP address to person (or address) mappings.

-- Sam

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