[ppml] Address Space versus Routing Slots

Vince Fuller vaf at cisco.com
Mon May 8 18:22:37 EDT 2006

> Vince, one could wonder. I'm reading your slides from the GROW
> presentation:
> > Is it worth doing an IAB-sponsored experiment, workshop, or
> > other IETF-sanctioned activity along these lines to re-examine
> > GSE or explore other solutions?
> You have been around the IETF long enough to know that the answer to
> this is no, and will continue to be no for the foreseeable future. Why
> put in on the table in the first place? Are there any developments that
> I am not aware of that would make this fly without being another suicide
> mission?

Those slides were written in the spirit of optimism and playing nice within
the IETF. In an earlier, less politically-correct version of the slides,
that bullet point had some sort of plea for the IESG/IAB to not actively
sabotage an effort should a group of people choose to start one. No doubt
that is way too much ask, given the various egos and vested interests
involved in the current failure-track "solution".

> Reality check: PI sucks. Do you have a solution with reasonable chances
> of adoption that sucks less?

Not given the political climate within the IETF. But each of us has to tilt
at a windmill once in a while.

> If no, please support 2005-1. It sucks, but all the other alternatives
> are worse.

I won't support a proposal that is fundamentally wrong. Perhaps if or
when the pain gets bad enough, there will be more impetus to solve the 
multihoming problem for real.

I'll remark that the horse has probably been reduced to an oily smudge by
now, so there probably isn't much point in continuing this discussion... :-)


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