[ppml] Address Space versus Routing Slots

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Mon May 8 04:04:01 EDT 2006

> I think you're being unfair to Geoff, 

Politics and policymaking is all about being unfair.
We must make choices and those choices always leave
somebody less than pleased. Anybody who has been involved
in politics (policymaking) understands this and has
likely felt the sting of being on the losing side.

> and doing us all a dis-service by
> attacking his motives.  Geoff is as entitled to his personal 
> opinion as anyone else,

Of course he is. And I am entitled to dissect his 
opinion and interpret it, just as others are entitled
to dissect and interpret my opinions. People have
certainly done so in the past.

> and his participation on the ARIN public policy
> mailing list (participation in which isn't restricted to the ARIN 
> BTW), doesn't constitute "interference".

I never said that he should be kicked off the list.
Better to have opinions aired in public and discussed
in public rather than in the backrooms.

> Geoff has provided the ARIN community with a lot of good analysis.  If 
> don't agree with his viewpoint on issues like this, fine.  But please
> don't let your participation in the PPML push us toward a name-calling
> flame-war.

If you don't want name-calling flame-wars then
why are you trying to escalate this dispute?
What about the CONTENT of Geoff's message or
the CONTENT of my message? What do you think of

--Michael Dillon

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