[ppml] Address Space versus Routing Slots

Vince Fuller vaf at cisco.com
Thu May 4 06:36:57 EDT 2006

> > Vince Fuller wrote:
> > (the best thing that could happen to a router vendor would be a
> > return to the replace-the-core-every-2-or-3-years heyday of the 90s)
> Vince, you can't deny that preserving the status-quo on BGP is the best
> way to insure that it will happen again.

Carrying the "PI address" scheme of multihoming (i.e. assign a globally-
visible prefix to anybody who wants to multihome) from IPv4 to ipv6 is the
best way to ensure that it will happen again. And there are a lot more
potential ipv6 prefixes than IPv4 prefixes.

> As of touting ID/LOCs as the long-term solution, I have to question the
> IETF motives on this one. As the political matters that have discarded
> these solutions in the past are mostly unchanged, this sudden interest
> in digging them out of the grave looks rather suspicious to me. The
> shim6 team has been sent to a suicide mission, I wonder how many
> protocol designers are ready to dust off their old ID/LOC stuff to get
> slaughtered a second time. Since you have been around the IETF for such
> a long time, maybe you have some insight to share about this for the
> ARIN community?

The IETF's position on this matter is that shim6 is the answer. My view,
that an ID/LOC split is a fundamental requirement for scalable multi-
homing, is considered heretical among the IETF leadership. Please don't
confuse anything that I write with an IETF position because the two couldn't
be more differeent.


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