[ppml] Proposed Policy: Recommended v6 aggregation practices

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Tue May 2 05:02:00 EDT 2006

> While I do not necessarily disagree with the content of the policy, I do
> not believe ARIN is the correct place for a BCP on route aggregation.  I
> do not claim to know where the best place is
> (IETF/IANA/Juniper/Linksys?) however; I do know I'm not crazy about it
> being ARIN.

It's quite simple. The best place is a forum where network
operators gather to discuss and agree on best inter-AS routing
practices. Unfortunately, such a forum does not currently exist.

Now, if you want to try to create such a forum, then I would
argue that ARIN is the best place to try this. Of course,
eventually the routing forum would either need to expand
globally or else accept that much routing policy can be
handled differently in different continents. But there really
is no point trying to come to agreement or document best 
practice unless you have a substantial number of AS holders
in the discussion.

That is the fundamental problem.

In the absence of such a forum I am happy to have ARIN publish
recommended practices. They have as much right to do this as anyone

--Michael Dillon

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