[ppml] proposed updates to 2006-4

Houle, Joseph D (Joe), CMO jdhoule at att.com
Fri Mar 31 14:09:47 EST 2006


If I understand you correctly you are suggesting a minimum assignment
size of /40 or /44 for every PI assignment?
[jdh] Yes... kinda makes PI for large corporations a mini-LIR, huh... is
that so bad?

>      Keeping ARIN allocations above the "site-level size" keeps open
>  opportunity for maintaining some level of aggregation in the IPv6
>  routing tables.  

Others would likely argue that providing larger assignments opens up the
possibility for more de-aggregation.

 [jdh] ARIN's position is that it doesn't control what gets advertised
in the Global Routing Table.   That's true up to a point.   When ARIN
allocates a block, there is some expectation that that block will be
announcable.   Once ARIN is in the business of allocating site-sized
blocks, that raises expectation that blocks, or sub-blocks down to
site-size will be anounceable.   This is one slope I would hope we can
avoid sliding down in IPv6.

My attempt with the 2006-4 policy was to try and limit the number of
prefixes assigned per ORG/ASN to one.
[jdh] I agree with that goal 100%


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